Eco Music Services a music services consulting office.

We have your best interest at heart


Eco Music Services, based in Barcelona, is a music services consulting office that helps artists, producers, composers, labels and tech companies in all those important tasks needed to achieve their goals.


Eco Music Services offers an extensive network of contacts around the world and help connect interests among professionals.


We combine a global vision, taylor made solutions and attention to the smallest details.


International exploitation & booking


Music rights consulting  (recording & publishing)


 Master & music concepts licensing


Contracts negotiation


Innovative on-line marketing strategies


Synch clearances


Digital distribution services


Repertoire search


Administering publishing catalog


Studio recording coordination

what can we do for you

Eco Music Services. What can we do for you.


 Record your music in the inspirational atmosphere of Barcelona without having to worry about anything but the music itself:

we will arrange your studio booking, accommodation and transports.


Our top class Recording studios are equipped with three separate state of the art recording rooms including Solid State Logic 4040E that delivers the best sound and highest flexibility.


We will assist you to coordinate everything as well as your leisure during your stay. 


Focus on creating and we take care of the rest.